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Counselor Schedule

►7:00-7:15 WAKE UP

  • Keep kids quiet and in bed until teacher wakes the cabin
  • Help students with morning routine
  • Follow teacher’s instructions (how to dress, KOs, helping kids head out to recreation time)


  • Be engaged with students
  • Make sure games/activities run smoothly

►8:00-8:50 BREAKFAST

  • Assist students during meal time
  • Engage with students
  • Communicate issues to staff during meal


  • Communicate assigned duties to students
  • Monitor progress of cleaning
  • Release students when completed

►9:15-11:45 MORNING CLASS

  • Assist teachers as needed
  • Keep students focused on activities and their teacher
  • Communicate issues as needed

►11:45-12:00 RECREATION TIME (for non-KOs)

  • Accompany students back to cabin if necessary
  • Refer to recreation time above

►12:00-1:00 LUNCH

  • Refer to responsibilities for meal time


  • Assist students in getting journal to classroom
  • Refer to recreation time above


  • Refer to class time above

►4:15-4:45 SHOWER TIME (For Kids)

  • Monitor shower time (5 minutes or less) and count down for them
  • If there is any issue, contact a teacher


  • Refer to recreation time above

►4:45-5:00 RECREATION TIME (for non-KOs)

  • Refer to recreation time for non-KOs above

►5:00-6:00 DINNER

  • Refer to meal time above


  • Refer to recreation time above

►6:40-7:20 JOURNAL CLASS

  • Your time to shower and catch up on homework in the counselors’ room

►7:20-9:00 NIGHT HIKE/NIGHT ACTIVITY (Time flexes throughout the week)

  • Assist teachers in being successful during the night hike
  • Communicate issues to staff

►After Hike SNACK TIME

  • Be with students at their tables

►9:00-10:00 BED TIME (Varies throughout the week)

  • Help students with bedtime routine (they only have 10 minutes to do this)