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Packing List

Packing List...Check out the list below for High School Counselors!

►All clothing, reading materials, and small games are to be SCHOOL APPROPRIATE.

►Please put your NAME on all personal belongings.

  • Pillow                                                                     
  • Sheets and blanket or sleeping bag            
  • Four or five pairs jeans or pants                          
  • Weather appropriate shirts            
  • Weather appropriate jackets                                  
  • Three pair of shoes:
  • 1 pair old tie-on tennis shoes for wetland and stream study
  • 1 pair for hiking                                                       
  • 1 pair for use around camp                                        
  • Lightweight long pants for wetland study                 
  • Eight - ten pairs of socks                             
  • Raincoat                                                      
  • Sets of underwear                                                   
  • Sleepwear                                                               
  • Hats, gloves, winter underwear during cold weather weeks
  • Boots for wet ground and snow * Note: We have knee-high rubber boots in all sizes for students to use.
  • Nylon/waterproof jogging pants or snow pants (in winter)


  • Toothpaste and brush
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Non-aerosol deodorant     
  • Bath towels /washcloths   
  • Comb/brush
  • Crocs or sandals for shower (optional)     
  • Water bottle
  • Chapstick  
  • Pencils
  • School Work
  • Large plastic bags for wet/dirty clothes with the student’s name on the bag             


  • Hats (not worn in buildings)
  • Small games – NO ELECTRONICS
  • Box of Kleenex
  • Reading material
  • Stationery and stamps                                            
  • Hair dryer
  • Bath robe
  • Disposable camera (LABEL WITH NAME)


  • Shorts (school appropriate)
  • Sun Screen (requires medical order if it contains DEET)
  • Hand/foot warmers
  • Non aerosol insect repellant


  • Clothing inappropriate for school
  • Flashlights, book lights
  • Matches
  • Knives
  • Aerosol cans
  • Laser pointers
  • Toy guns or weapons
  • MEDICATIONS-These must be dropped off by a parent with proper orders from a doctor.


⇒Cell phones are allowed at the Outdoor School and may be used during free time, but must be kept in the counselor's room and are not to be taken into the cabins or used during any school activity.

⇒You may bring snacks and food to be kept in the counselor's room. Please do not share the snacks with the 6th graders due to food allergies!