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Health Information

The Outdoor School Health Room is staffed by a Registered Nurse 24 hours a day while the students are in residence. The Outdoor School nurse can be reached at 410-857-7932.

Any medical concerns can be discussed with the nurse prior to the student's arrival to ensure that the student's needs are met while at Outdoor School.

As with any public school, all medications administered to students during their stay at Outdoor School require a physician's order. This includes all over the counter medications. All medications sent to outdoor school must be in the original container (prescription bottle or over the counter packaging).

Medication forms can be sent to school with the packet or the physician can fax the orders to the Outdoor School at 410-857-7641. Medications are maintained in the health room for both students and counselors. Medications such as inhalers and Epipens are carried by the student's teachers to all activities. Teachers are trained to use these emergency medications.

Students are encouraged to visit the health room for any medical concern and first aid is provided on site. In the event that your child sustains an injury requiring further medical intervention, or your child becomes ill with fever, vomiting or other symptoms, you will be notified. Children who miss Outdoor School due to illness or injury may be able to attend on an alternate week. This decision is usually made on an individual basis.

It is important that the Outdoor School Nurse be notified of any medical conditions or physical limitations your child may have prior to their arrival at Outdoor School. We want all children to have a positive experience at Outdoor School and special provisions are made for those children who are unable to participate in the daily activities so they can make the most of their experience here.